Kaew Boutique – Crispy Coconut Crepe


9th Fl Sethiwan Tower 139 Pan Rd Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Kaew Boutique – Crispy Coconut Crepe: Packaging Design

Challenge:  “Kaew Boutique,” a Thai dessert brand, separates from the souvenir-focused “Kaew” in Kanchanaburi. Featuring “Thong Phap” (Crispy coconut crepe), it exclusively offers best-selling flavors for the new generation. The vision is a modern, delicious, and stylish packaging suitable for daily life or travel, going beyond being a mere souvenir. It’s a delightful treat, ensuring a consistently appealing look every time you hold this snack.

Idea: Inspired by the dessert’s unique folding, it sparks creative graphic designs. Drawing from Japanese origami, patterns with lines add a dimensional touch. The arrangement of dessert pieces is intentionally unusual, paired with flavor typography on the back. Images of pouring tea or chocolate above enhance the deliciousness, making each flavor even more tempting.


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