Adam & Eve’s sundried figs packaging draws inspiration from the 18th-century botanical drawings, creating warm and romantic boxes reminiscent of a collaboration between a scientist and an artist. The design encapsulates nature, the product’s authenticity, and the traditional values associated with Greek products distributed globally. It celebrates the entire fig journey, capturing the natural beauty and intricacy of the fig tree and echoing traditional sun-drying methods dating back thousands of years, as documented in the texts of Homer.

Our mission was to breathe new life into a classic favorite and export the goodness of sunny Greece and healthy snacking to the international markets. We named it Adam & Eve –a nod to those Bible heroes depicted behind a fig leaf- and drew our inspiration from 18th-century botanical drawings. The fig leaf becomes iconic and the colours are drenched in the Greek sun, warmth and hospitality. The sliced a fig is a sneak peek into what makes these figs sweet and flavourful. The range includes jam, salad sprinkles and balsamic fig vinegar, a tribute to one of the oldest superfoods on the world.


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