Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

Every day we are exposed to innovations. The abundance of information makes it easy for the old to fade away, along with our origin and heritage. This is why, for our corporate gift, we wished Happy New Year to our clients by using an art, which is gradually disappearing.

We travelled to Marathos in Crete to find the “xompliastres,” the women who make the so-called wedding round breads. These are pastries made of dough, adorned with intricate symbols, and crafted with such detail they are almost works of art.

Since the personal element was important to us, we gave the women our own symbols for them to mould: The lotus symbolizing optimism. The chamomile which helps discovering the essence of things. The snake, center of the circle of existence. The butterfly evoking transformation and rejuvenation. The dragon for protection. The owl which lights our way in the dark. And many more. Each conveyed its own message, and together they formed our wishes pack for good luck in all new beginnings.