C. Azucaque, 3, 30001 Murcia, España

We are not crazy

All the pleasure, aroma and flavor of natural and organic wine, without any intolerance. It is a tasty young Monastrell grape wine from organic vineyards and with a great novelty: Low in histamines and no added sulfites.

At Grafyco we have taken the soul of this organic wine into account when developing the branding, packaging and communication project for Comoloco. All the materials that make up this packaging are selected to maintain the environmental commitment of the winery and the product; and, as it could not be otherwise, the design had to enhance these values.

Sober and fun design -Nature without complexes-. Without silk-screen finishes or printing to avoid contaminating materials.

Suppliers audited in Social Responsibility. 100% recyclable sustainable complex capsule free of plastics. Printed with water-based, solvent-free inks. RE-PLAY MARTELE WHITE WS FSCTM / SH6020 PLUS / WG74 paper Glassine paper is recovered and recycled to produce new fronts. Veralia OPTIMAL bottle Bottle of less than 400 gr that reduces the carbon footprint by 15%.