Lapozó also offers the opportunity to buy their own coffee, which is currently available in three flavours. The beans are packed in a separate sealed package in the box. On the front of the packaging, you can see the name of the coffee and an illustration I designed for it, also using a combination of a photo and a drawing.

On the back, you can read a short description of the coffee and how it is used. For the latter, pictograms have been used. In addition, the pictograms were used to create a surface pattern, which you can find on the inside of the box. One side of the box contains the mandatory information, while the other side contains a surprise. If you open the box, you can use this site as a bookmark.

To avoid a boring representation of raspberries, I have therefore combined the illustration with the name of the coffee in an alternative way. I have assigned animals to the different flavors that like to eat the fruits, vegetables and seeds associated with coffee, be it bears and raspberries, squirrels and peanuts, or bunnies and carrots.


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