Yok Sod -Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce


9th Fl Sethiwan Tower 139 Pan Rd Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Yok Sod -Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce: Packaging Design

Challenge: “Yok-Sod”, a Thai brand, now offers the irresistible “Thai BBQ Dipping Sauce”. Crafted with authentic Thai ingredients, it boasts rich flavor and low calories. The packaging evokes thoughts of delicious Thai BBQ pork, tempting customers to indulge. A must-have for every kitchen at home.

Idea: Envision marinated pork in sizzling sauce on the label—a tempting snapshot of hotplate grilling. Highlighting low calories, aromatic Thai chili and garlic recipe, the aroma of roasted sesame, it simplifies the buying decision. If hesitant, they might lack a hotplate at home.


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