Melö – hygge moment with warm coffee

Melö is a Belgrade based roastery inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian coffee culture, and all of their coffees are exclusively single origin of top quality, lightly roasted, in the Nordic style. We named it Melö, because that word is synonymous with honey, addressing a loved one. We also made a visual identity and package design for them.

We opted for a minimal and striking design approach, so that the colour choices and typography would work to full effect. Vibrant and bright palette that stands in contrast to the dark and brown colours of the coffee, giving it an optimistic and eye-catching look. Green, blue and yellow tones were inspired by the motifs from Scandinavia, like the beautiful yellow flower meadows, but also by Northern lights and wintery but cozy atmosphere, ideal for a hygge moment with warm coffee.

We chose to use a typeface that had a rounded inner corner effect, visually referring to the dripping process of coffee making. Watery texture is noticeable in small details in all the letters of the typeface, making a consistent visual statement across all text usages. On the logo itself we extended the E, once again emphasizing the dripping effect, but also the extended pleasure of quality coffee consumption.