Derrick Lin


Designed by Alexander Chin, designer/ founder of Mood Garden.

Mood Garden is a tea company that focuses on providing Fair Trade loose leaf tea in the convenience of tea bags. Because this is a fairly new concept, it was necessary to create entirely new packaging to differentiate ourselves from “regular” tea companies.

Research showed customer irritation regarding the inconvenience of needing a separate infuser, while still yearning for the ritualistic nature of the brewing process.

Each tea blend corresponds with a unique color and flower to help visualize these moods. When the tea drinker removes the tea bag from the stick, a prompt followed by a small flower is revealed. As they drink more of that mood, they can delight in seeing their “mood” visually grow, creating a new type of tea ritual they could enjoy. The back of the stick corresponds by growing taller the farther a person needs to reach their next tea bag. While not only protecting the tea bags, the outer stick mimics a nostalgic white picket fence which displays the ingredients proudly on the back.

The flowers were hand illustrated in attempts to create packaging too beautiful to throw away. Since many tea drinkers read while brewing, the vertical orientation of the stick makes it a very convenient book mark.