Coco By Rose

Derrick Lin


Designed by Arc & Co. | Design Collective, Canada.

Founded by a Yoga instructor based in Vancouver, Canada – Coco By Rose is a boutique skin moisturizer manufacturer that strives to provide top-quality, home-made skin products while staying true to its commitment to environmental sustainability. Coco By Rose approached Arc & Co. Design Collective to extend its brand philosophy through packaging design for its new line of all natural coconut oil body moisturizers.

The solution proposed was complete and simple. First, a new brand identity was created to highlight the company’s differentiator – it’s cultural heritage. The new identity highlights the founder’s two grandmothers, who were her inspiration and source for the products’ recipes. By focusing on the brand’s cultural association, the packaging design followed suit.

The packaging design truly highlights it visual association to the South Pacific, while its structural and functional design focuses on the brand’s mandate to sustainability. By designing a generic belly-band wrap and labels using eco-friendly inks and cardstock, the printing cost was minimal and cuts packaging waste during inventory running-changes. Additionally, the home-made feel of the product-line was extended by individually hand stamping the scents’ name on the packaging, giving it a personal touch.

All in all, Coco By Rose is a brand that wants to stay true to its heritage. The overall branding and packaging design solution provided by Arc & Co. Design Collective will allow the brand to grow without straying away from its brand philosophy.