Sweet Heaven Confectionery

Derrick Lin


Agency: Asylum
Client: Poundland
Country: United Kingdom

Poundland is a UK retailer that sells anything and everything – branded and own label. They have a simple pricing structure – everything is £1. Asylum was asked to help position and redesign their own-label confectionery range called Sweet Heaven.

As all brands are at the same price point, we needed to improve consumer perception to challenge the established competition – Cadbury’s and Haribo. We created an identity and pack design based on the heritage and nostalgia of a traditional sweet shop – making Sweet Heaven a differentiated and established brand. We used nostalgic cues, phrasing and typography to communicate quality, trust and engage on an emotional level. Clear and strong colour coding helped differentiate the ranges and the products within them ie. chocolates, mints and classics.

The whole pack design reinforced the sentiment of the traditional sweet shop – from a humbug-shaped barcode to a Victorian gent binman – the brand’s personality lives in every detail.