Derrick Lin


Agency: Candesign
Designer: Ana Lisa
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La Gondola
Location: Portugal
Packaging Contents: Canned Products – Fish
Packaging Materials: Carton

New range of canned fish for kids. Canned fish is fast to prepare (just open the can), and it is a very healthy meal for kids. We want to make kids having fun wen eating fish.

We made a very colorful packaging with funny fishes, so it will be easy to parents convince children to choose healthy fish meal.

This is a very new unique approach in the canned fish industry, making canned fish packaging for kids. And a very daring challenge to have this unique packaging in the market.

What’s Unique?
There is no canned fish products for kids, you can find baby food cereals and lots of products for children, But not healthy fish canned food. We created a new colorful packaging that attracts kids on consuming fish, that it is a very important and difficult to make kids eat fish. We made the can smaller so we can have a children portion so children have there portions without spoiling product. And it is easier to parents to make them eat all “its almost finished…. lets eat all the fishy”

We made a collectible fish, children can cut out the fish and collect them or make funny toys like mobillo baby, have them in an aquarium, etc.

It has a size that it can fly in low cost, so parents can take it in traveling very easy.