Agency: Alex Nereuta
Photography: Laura Regev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nubia Spa Vert
Location: Montreal, Canada
Packaging Contents: Face/Body Cream, Serum, Hand sanitizer, Massage Oil, Body Butter, Face scrub, Facial mist
Packaging Materials: Frosted glass, aluminum, cotton string, recyclable paper

It’s not every day that you come across skincare products you also want to eat. Nubia’s new skincare line, conceived and fabricated by the owner of Nubia Spa Vert, is handmade in Montreal using 100% natural ingredients, and includes premium products for the face and body.

The owner of the spa had worked on developing the products for over 6 years, sourcing rare natural ingredients from around the world and perfecting the balance of the products. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she wanted to create a skincare line that used only organic and therapeutic ingredients, no chemicals/additives/preservatives, and where the production methods and packaging did not leave a negative environmental footprint. She wanted the products to be an extension of her existing spa’s “green” philosophy.

The Nubia skincare line appeals to women in their late 20’s and older who choose their products based on purity of ingredients, the highest production standards, and social/environmental factors. The packaging accentuates product visibility while balancing a high-end, modern aesthetic with personalized, tactile and colorful touches that highlight the freshness of the ingredients used, as well as the artisanal, hand-made aspect of the products.

What’s Unique?
A mix of modern, minimalist elements/ shapes/aesthetic mixed with hand-crafted typography and illustration which differentiates this packaging from other organic beauty products. The packaging centers on conveying the freshness and uniqueness of each “main ingredient”, by allowing the product maximum visibility, and basing each color/illustration/abstract element from this. All the packaging elements are recyclable, without necessarily appearing so. Simultaneously high end/modern and environmentally friendly/organic.