Designer: Vassiliki Filippopoulou
Project Type: Concept
Location: Greece, Athens
Packaging Contents: Skincare products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic

Rodinia (from the Russian “Родить”, rodít, meaning ‘to beget’ or ‘to give birth’ (originally). Rodina, meaning ‘The Motherland’ or ‘a birthplace’

Rodinia is a new skincare line targeting women with high standards for their daily skin care between 20 to 50. Simplicity is the key, with a soft color palette – paired with clean typography and delicate illustrations. Using nature inspired colours, the true essence of the natural ingredients is communicated. The logo and the text is minimal with plenty of room to breathe. The illustrations are dynamic as well as fresh, playful and abstract expressed with plain clean lines in various patterns each one reflecting the purpose of the product.

The different patterns/illustrations used for each one of the packages are offering a visual and subliminal distinction of the functions of each cream. Purity & freshness are the main elements communicated to us by this line! The purpose of design is to attract fans from the very first look and then to love the products due to the combination of good quality and low cost.