Boredom Beater

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Derrick Lin


Design: Durgesh Pragati Satish Amble, Ketan Kadam, Vignesh Iyer, Adith Mili Francis Fernandes
3D Art: Santosh Gangavane
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Conqueror Papers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Papers
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing, Foil stamping and more

Fall in love with paper again.

Paper has always been the most tactile medium to express creativity. We wanted to bring back the joy of using paper in this ultra-digital world. This led to the idea to combine two things people touch and interact with daily; sticky notes and calendars.

This sticky note calendar is designed using the wide range of Conqueror papers, but with a twist. On every sticky note there’s a quirky, insightful task that needs to be done using that very sticky note. These sticky notes became instant triggers of fun that can be used to shatter the daily drab.

To make it more fun, we designed the sticky note calendar in unique shapes. Every month, is represented using an element that’s characteristic to that month in the Indian context. The colours for every month are also thoughtfully chosen to depict the transition of the seasons.

The sticky note calendar comes inside a delightfully designed box. The box is crafted in a handy size and the cute illustrations on it will make our audience display it on their desk with great pride. Each month is a bundle of sticky notes that come inside a circular box. This makes it easy to use and easy to store. This entire design is further embellished using innovative printing techniques that make using paper more fun.

What’s Unique?
The host of tasks on every sticky note makes sure that people interact with the calendar every single day. The tasks are a mix of quirky and creative. For instance, one challenges people to creatively sell that paper, or wrap the tiniest gift inside it. These tasks are not only about making the sticky notes different in design but also to ensure that there’s a well-defined purpose of this calendar in people’s daily routine.