Makeover Challenge – Rex Design

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Derrick Lin


Invited by Package Design Magazine, REX Design is the first Brazilian agency to participate on the Makeover Challenge — competition provided by the mag, that selects four design agencies worldwide to develop the packaging re-design for a real brand in the marketplace.

This year, in its 6th Edition, the Challenge was to develop a new identity for Casa Visco — a traditional brand of gourmet sauces, antipasti and almonds from the US. Besides REX, other three north-american agencies are participating on the Challenge: Beach Packaging Design in Staten Island, Nova York; Estudio Ray in Phoenix, Arizona; and Queue Marketing Communications Group in Chicago, Illinois. To create the new layout, REX took a path based on the brand’s history of homemade- like production, tradition and naturalness and has developed a packaging design that builds good rapport with the consumer through a true, sincere and transparent approach. Almost like a one to one informal chat with the consumer.

We believe that a good packaging design project is no longer about how loud you can be on shelf. – Gustavo Piqueira, creative director of the project and REX’s partner.

According to the agency, the brand has been repositioned to the jar lid, surrounded by decorative ornaments. There are no labels either. Instead, the front panel displays each product information made of short sentences without marketing clichés, such as claims or appealing graphic images. On the opposite, it highlights the best on the products in a careful and humorous way. The jar copy for the sauces makes a simple statement about ingredients and their benefits, in addition to side dishes suggestions. The roasted peppers and the Jordan Almonds jars speak enticingly about serving suggestions and curiosities about their origins. With no makeups.

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