Sultry Sally

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Derrick Lin


Sultry Sally is set to seduce consumers in the snack food category and… also in the music industry too!

As my chips are so unique and different, I thought we needed to deliver a unique marketing campaign. So in order to appeal to our target brand and insinuate the brand where the demographic live and breathe, I decided to reach a touchpoint that appealed to you, something like…..well, MUSIC!

After going through a concentrated and unique process of putting the group together, we have worked with the cream of the crop of Australia’s music writer, producers and directors to create a world class Australian pop-dance act.

Designed by The Creative Method. Check Sally’s snacks page and band page too!

In four flavours – Rock Salt, Salt & Malt Vinegar, Cheese & Onion and Thai Sweet Chilli & Lime.

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