Yarmarka Café

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Derrick Lin


KIAN brand agency serves the entire portfolio of brands of the “Yarmarka” company, perhaps the most dynamic and innovative company on the Russian grocery market for the past few years. In the spring of 2010 a new brand of the Company was entered into the market. Under this trade mark Customer produces a very interesting and, as a tradition, absolutely new for the Russian market product. It is a unique collection of mixes for delicious and interesting dishes such as polenta, paella, risotto, couscous, emmer, etc. It is offered to consumer not only a quick food, but also a product that helps to express their creative abilities and realize their culinary talent giving scope for fantasy.

It was selected a conception of a comfortable café as a place where you can not only have a bite quickly and tastefully but also have a good time. Selected name – Café – perfectly opens the brand conception and creates a certain tint of preciosity and European style.

Visual brand identity was realized in a conception of eco-design and intended to convey the mood of naturalness, warmth and comfort. Grapheme of the brand and graphic surrounding imitate natural products. Product zone of the package creates a sense of the cooking process. Special attention in the development of package design was focused on a design of back label that is the main tool of communication with consumer in this project. It offers them information about the brand, product and the process of its preparation, etc. The cooking recipe is made in the main “hand made” style and stylized as a piece of a cookbook with handwritten notes and lovely color drawings illustrating the process of cooking.

Designed by KIAN brand agency, Russia.