Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #122

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Derrick Lin


Welcome to the latest edition of Packaging of the World, Issue #122, freshly curated and filled with inspiration. Dive into our curated selection of this month’s top ten posts, each a testament to the perfect blend of innovation and engagement that you simply can’t afford to miss.

These designs not only captivate with their visual allure but are also igniting a storm across social media platforms like InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. From seasoned artists to passionate design aficionados worldwide, discover why these packaging creations are making waves.

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SÀAS designed by STUDIO BOAM

Amidst the remnants of Central America’s lost civilizations, artifacts gleam with magnificence, echoing a rich cultural legacy. Tequilas, steeped in graphic folklore, embody this craftsmanship, with SAAS exemplifying a refined, structured aesthetic akin to luxury jewelry. Its understated label design allows ancient jewelry and amulets to shine, meticulously rendered in gouache. “Lineal” SAAS typography blends contemporary and ancient motifs, while emerald green hues harmonize with the glass bottle’s tint, reflecting agave stem pigmentation. SAAS transcends mere packaging, becoming an object of historical and artistic contemplation, celebrating the splendor of Central America’s ancient jewels.

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DOZEN AGENCY created a magical team of characters that children can relate to and fantasize about, illustrated by Olena Tverdokhlib. Each package now features two characters, inviting children to spin the bottle and create stories, all drawn in a flat illustrative technique with stylized Ukrainian costumes and patterns.

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The label design for Fear City botanical gin showcases artisanal craftsmanship, blending seven meticulously chosen botanicals such as Long Island Sound’s sustainably grown Sugar Kelp, which infuses a vibrant freshness, and ethically sourced White Sage from Baja California, lending a delicate floral note to this flagship offering from Fear City Spirits Co.

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The Cherry Tomato packaging project for Nijasol, a special edition for Carrefour, transforms the mundane into an engaging experience. Born as an extension of Tomatier, this snack appeals to both children and parents with its fresh and healthy lunch or snack option. Embracing creativity, our design features a playful monster motif, where each box becomes a storytelling adventure. The monster’s mouth serves as a window to showcase the cherry tomatoes, while its crest cleverly seals the package. With the slogan “Monsters are cool and so are tomatoes,” Tomatier makes eating fun, introducing kids to nutritious and delicious snacks.

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ØL’SØN GIN designed by ROB VAN HEERTUM and Michał Olszewski

Rob Van Heertum designed Øl’søn Gin for Gothic Angels Distillery in Poland, crafting a new line that pays homage to family ties and Gothic heritage. The brand’s cross symbol, inspired by Toruń’s Gothic architecture, anchors its identity. Emphasizing visibility, the front label captivates with a striking design while the back label integrates seamlessly, distinguishing between flavors with playful mathematical symbols. Øl’søn Gin offers a trio of expressions: London Dry Gin featuring bergamot, American hops, and tonka bean; Pink Gin infused with cherry and grapefruit; and Blue Lilac Gin, the world’s first blue gin with aromatic lilac flower. Gothic Angels Distillery, rooted in Toruń and founded by Michał Olszewski, embodies craftsmanship and innovation, celebrating local heritage alongside global appeal.

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OriGin Crafted Gin designed by SHAMANIZED

The OriGin Crafted Gin, from OG Distillery in the Kyrgyz Republic, draws inspiration from ancient alchemy and celestial themes. As Central Asia’s inaugural locally distilled gin, it features a meticulous blend of botanicals, crafted in collaboration with seasoned bartenders.

Its bottle design seamlessly blends bold imagery with contemporary elements, capturing the essence of tradition and innovation. Beyond showcasing the gin’s purity, the design narrates a tale of mystical inspiration and unparalleled artistry. An inner label, visible through a distinctive ‘eyelet,’ adds an air of mystique, offering a tantalizing peek into the spirit within.

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The limited edition Fuji Sanroku Whisky bottle, expertly rendered in Cinema4D and Octane Render by Tokyo-based 3D artist Benjamin Berthelot, showcases a minimalist design strategy. The label elegantly features a white silhouette of Mount Fuji, effectively communicating the brand’s heritage and identity. This subtle approach allows glimpses of the mountain’s contours through the glass, creating a unique window into its iconic landscape. With classic yet modern aesthetics using negative space and Kanji script, this packaging appeals to collectors and whisky aficionados alike, highlighting its regional significance and making it a prized addition to any collection.

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Located near Lancashire’s Pendle Hill, renowned for its mystical legends of the Pendle witches, Moorhouse’s Brewery underwent a transformative rebranding of its traditional cask range, revitalized by award-winning mystical designs. The challenge was to introduce a new craft beer line amid a crowded market of 2,000 UK brewers. “Out of the Shadows” emerged as a series of 16 innovative beers, each boasting contemporary recipes and styles tailored for today’s craft connoisseurs. Embracing Pendle Hill’s folklore, the branding captivates with alternative graphics and storytelling, appealing to a fresh generation of drinkers while expanding Moorhouse’s fan base through compelling on-pack, POS, digital, and experiential activations.

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The “Oceanic Formula N” face cream by Nabila K Cosmetics celebrates its natural marine ingredients through thoughtful packaging design. Embodying the essence of oceanic treasures, the bottle features textures, colors, and elements that evoke a genuine marine experience. The centerpiece of the design is an antique ceramic amphora, adorned with corals and seashells, submerged amidst oceanic imagery. This concept extends to a limited edition presentation packaging, designed to surprise and delight with a piece of the seashore inside—complete with natural seashells and oceanic glass fragments. This innovative approach not only protects the cream but also narrates a captivating tale of discovery and natural beauty, inviting consumers to explore its luxurious benefits.

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The design harmoniously reflects Holy Donut’s essence with bold patterns, vibrant colors including sunshine yellow, timeless black and white, and elegant gold foil accents. Consistency is maintained across all box sizes—from the 3-seater to the 6-seater and single doughnut boxes—ensuring every customer enjoys a delightful, memorable experience that lingers long after the last bite.

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