One Village Coffee

Derrick Lin


Designed by Able, United States.

Over the past 9 months we have spent a lot of time with the employees, roaster, and fans of One Village Coffee. One of our goals was to package the sentiments of “a village” into a customer experience. The bag was printed in white + two colors with a matte finish and gloss trapping over the logo. Because the budget didn’t allow for more than one type of bag, a different label with a customized icon is used to identify each type of coffee.

Our hope is that the bag provides multiple touch points for customers who want to learn more about the company and get more involved. We are currently working on manifesting the “village” experience online, on university campuses, in grocery stores, and farmer’s markets.

Background on OVC:

One Village Coffee was found about 3 years ago with the goal directing for profit monetary goals to nonprofit partners to a small village in Nigeria. Since then they have helped organizations around the world on various levels of development work including a de-worming project for children in Honduras and educational development in several parts of Nigeria.

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