Moya Beauty Range

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Frederick Peens from ATPACE, South Africa.

Moya is a range of botanical spa products and essential oils, all drawn from South Africa’s indigenous fynbos flora. As the brand moved into more traditional retail space, it became necessary to clearly define its uniqueness “the essence of fynbos” for the consumer.

We were briefed to make the packaging work harder as part of this communication process. The decision was made to photograph the plants as they would be found in nature. But the visual twist sees them placed in the more scientific beakers and containers of the distilling and blending process. The message is clear: whatever the manufacturing method, the plant’s essence will always be retained. For us, this linked back to the brand name itself  in several African languages, Moya means essence, or soul.

An additional challenge was the need to establish sub-categories within the range, depending on the original botanical (for example, Zinziba, or Cape Chamomile). The solution was a colour-coded palette, inspired by the soft, muted tones of fynbos itself.