Moxie Sozo

1140 Pearl St, 2nd Floor, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

Designed by Moxie Sozo, United States.

LEAP Organics is a bath and body products company out of Boston, Massachusetts. Moxie Sozo began working with founder, Luke Penney, when the company was in the initial concept stages. Faced with a highly competitive landscape, the agency identified four goals for developing the brand:

1) Be bold.
2) Be different.
3) Take risks.
4) Get noticed.

Moxie Sozo worked with LEAP Organics to develop a personality that was appropriate, yet highly differentiated from other products in the category. Keeping within the spirit of the brand, the LEAP Organics’ soap packaging was illustrated entirely by hand without the use of a computer. Within weeks of launching the initial line of soaps, LEAP was picked up for distribution within Whole Foods Mid-Atlantic and other key retailers. In the coming months, Moxie Sozo and LEAP will be introducing a line of organic skin care products. The agency also handles all of LEAP’s website, social media and public relations needs.

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