Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus springs into action with new design for Hopping Hare

BrandOpus has kicked off its recent appointment as design agency to independent UK brewer and pub owner Hall & Woodhouse, with the redesign of the ales within the Badger Ales portfolio. Hopping Hare will be the first premium bottled ale to hit the shelves in the new design in March, followed by the rest of the range later in the year. The redesign aims to ensure improved stand out for the Badger brand, create more consistency across the range and secure greater product recognition by the consumer.

The new Hopping Hare design communicates the light, crisp, refreshing aroma and taste of the thrice hopped ale, whilst demonstrating the lively personality of the hare character who forms a much more dynamic role in the label design. Complemented by an idiosyncratic typeface, which incorporates leaves and tufts of grass, the new label evokes the countryside connotations of the Badger brand. BrandOpus particularly considered how the redesign would appeal to the female shopper, who represents 31 per cent of bottled ale volume sales but is not a consumer herself.

Paul Taylor, creative director at BrandOpus, says: “The brand framework we created for Badger unifies the range of characterful countryside inspired ales. On an individual level, the new design expresses the quirky traits of each of the unique personalities of the ales. The overall redesign gives Badger a stronger presence on-shelf that enables consumers to understand and engage with the brand more meaningfully, and recognise the Badger portfolio over other brands in the ale category.”

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