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Designed by UXUS, The Netherlands.

New lightweight and eco-friendly packaging concept for INDULGE Wines

UXUS is proud to announce their latest project, the brand identity and packaging design of APL Wines’ new label, Indulge. The brief was to create an innovative packaging concept and website that targets specific lifestyles. The design’s concept focuses on the practicality and accessibility of its specific target group’s lifestyle: the Fashionista, the Active outdoors-person, the Retro-lover, and the Leisurely. Packaged in a lightweight Astrapouch and featuring bold illustrations, Indulge wines marry lifestyle with conscious packaging. The new packaging is ideal for BBQs, picnics, the beach, parks, and outdoor theatres.

UXUS partner George Gottl says, “We are thrilled to have been invited to create such an innovative approach to wine packaging. The various graphic motifs of Indulge spark diversity of the target audience they are reaching out to. This brand sets a new benchmark mapping the wine varietal to the preferred lifestyle of a specific consumer.”

Four (4) categories of wine will be offered to cater to the various assortments of lifestyles and preferred flavors; “Good Taste on the Go”, “Accessorize with Good Taste”, “Toast the Moment” and “Pair this with Life” are the themes aimed at the distinct lifestyles. The bright and bold watercolor illustrations reflect each distinct customer from the shoe-adorned graphics for the Fashionista to the picnic graphics for the laid-back denizen. An innovative handle integrated in the package allows easy transportation and the spigot on the bottom of the pouch easily controls the flow of wine.

Indulge wines will issue a 2009 Central Coast Pinot Noir and a 2009 North Coast Sauvignon Blanc with each their own unique Astrapouch illustrations. Each Astrapouch is equal to two (2) 750ml wine bottles yet is accountable for only 2% of the weight of the traditional glass bottle. It is a durable, convenient and eco- friendly package that saves energy, weighs less, and is cost efficient.

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