Organic Chai

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Sze Lin Lie, Malaysia.

About a year ago, Third Street approached me to redesign their Chai packaging. Third Street had a thriving business despite the financial slump that plagued many small companies and was keen in expanding their business. At our first meeting, the founder/ceo who is extremely proud of his Chai concentrates (he should be!) took me on a tour of his 100% wind powered facility and explained the hand crafted process, showed me the fair trade and organic ingredients even including their composting bins buzzing with bees! Every where I went I was greeted with smiles! After I returned to my studio with samples and the aroma of spices clinging to me, I decided to pour myself a cup and was pleasantly surprised that it was the best tasting Chai I had ever had. I was truly blown away. Alas their packaging and their corporate brand ID didn’t convey their high quality products which they have been producing for over 15 years. So that’s how it begun; together the team at Third Street and I worked on positioning and redesigning their corporate brand ID and their anchor consumer brand – Organic Chai.

Their products are currently sold in Whole Foods, several supermarket chains all over the west coast as well as other independent natural grocers and are offered in 6 delicious flavours. They operate a robust food/restaurant service all over the US and Canada so next time you go to a cafe – ask for a Third Street’s Chai! This particular project is dear to me because over the course of my career, I am extremely proud to partner with a company that truly cares about what they put in their products and sources high quality ingredients responsibly and to top it all strives to great lengths to offset their carbon footprint. This is a company with great ethics that many should aspire to be and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to help them achieve a visual identity that truly communicates and represents their values, strong ethical believes and future potential. We have since enjoyed a strong partnership and worked together on numerous design projects, most recently a redesign of their Organic Lemonade concentrates.