Abaeté-Ybaté (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


A collaborative student project by Vitor Lopes Leite, Laio de Carvalho, Ramon Villain Santos, Hellen Aquino, Brazil.

The Abaeté-Ybaté project is a student work involving the creation of an ice cream line products for a fictitious brand called Abaeté, and its high quality segment Ybaté – using brazilian traditional candy as flavors: Brigadeiro (kind of a chocolate truffle), Beijinho (coconut flavored candy), Cocada (a sweet condensed milk bar with coconut) and Doce de Leite (dulce de leche). This is a 2011 project, made by Hellen Aquino, Laio de Carvalho, Ramon Villain and Vitor Lopes.
Note: In the Tupi language Abaeté means “nice man”and Ybaté means “the higher one”.