Designed by Trip View Bowl, Taiwan.

Trip View Bowl compresses the view of a specific Taiwanese landscape in a 12cm-in-diameter blue and white porcelain bowl. The three-dimensional panorama map is amazingly painted inside the bowl. Rotating the bowl will virtually take you into the sky looking down at this landscape. All famous sights and stores are also labeled in this interesting and practical souvenir so tourists could take all wonderful memories of the tour home.

Trip View Bowl displays a kind of delicacy unreachable by printed patterns or hand-drawing. You’d absolutely agree it is a piece of delicate work of art, if and even if observing it with a magnifying glass! This artwork also represents 100% Taiwan-made identity, from its creativity to the firing process, and from the bowl itself to its packaging.

In order to adhere to environmental protection, we used medium density fiberboard as packaging materials. The open design allows consumers to see, touch, and the most important thing is to protect the bowl well. The packaging can even protect a fall from five meters as it is designed to self-crumble to save the bowl from breaking.

A magnifying glass is also supplied together with the packaging so that the details can be made available to everyone. We spent six months testing, fix, find the right process, product or even months to complete on the warehouse and other packaging predicament, finally completed in accordance with the objectives we set a new packaging, and reached the following requirements:


Can accommodate more accessories, including a magnifying glass, display, and a fish-eye aerial view.
Can accommodate a complete in English and Japanese language product information.


Packaging reduction: improve the material utilization of 24.4%.
Brand power to change the packaging, ink reduction of 100%.
Paper vine to twine, weight reduction of 50%.
Reuse: Packaging can serve as a storage box, and can be easily stacked.
Recycling: the extension of MDF material, and asked the formaldehyde content in line with E1 standard.
All products without plastic.

Quality process requirements

Shift to CNC milling process, packaging components tolerances less than ± 0.05mm, precision 20 times better than the old packaging.
Commissioned by ISO 9000 certified professional plant assembly, packaging.
High-precision components eliminates the possibility of operator injury and increase yield.
Packaging components foolproof design mistakes to avoid assembly problems.

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