Designed by Adentity, Sweden.

Together with Sweden’s leading independent food wholesaler Larsa Foods, Adentity developed a new brand platform for its range of appealing food products.

Larsa specialises in importing exciting food from the Mediterranean and Middle East. A taste of the Orient certainly infuses the fresh new design, reflecting freshness and healthy living. From natural yoghurt and feta cheese to olive oil, the inspiring packaging design has taken the food industry by storm.

Adentity has worked with Larsa Foods since 2009 to provide fitting re-branding and develop its brand platform.

  1. This is terrible branding! The colours and patterns are a disaster… there is no consistency! It's dated too, seen it, done it … like 10 years ago! What a disappointment! Could have been so much better!

  2. @Gustav I don't think so, I think the branding has had improved over the years and this design accommodates this era of time.

  3. There is no dissatisfaction on the concept made by one, It is how became eminent on the market also for the consumers. Quick comment, the packaging is good.

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