Thirsty Dog (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ryan Keel, a junior in the Graphic Design program at the University of Akron Myers School of Art, United States.

This project was for a Corporate Identity & Graphic Systems class at the University of Akron-Myers School of Art. Our project was to choose a company, and completely re-brand them. I created an identity for Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, which would feature a mark that changes based on the season.

I chose to create the packaging for a beer that would be on store shelves in each season of the year, and that would show each of the four logos. I wanted to be illustrative and fun with this brand, while remaining simple and cohesive throughout. The design is meant to be a look into “the doghouse”, and the kind of flavor and experience that awaits you with Thirsty Dog beer.

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