Birds Eye Frozen Vegetabes (Student Work)

Mara Rodríguez Design

Gijón, Asturias, España

Designed by Mara Rodríguez, a student of Elisava School in Barcelona, Spain.

This BirdsEye pack is a proposal of a new line’s frozen vegetables.
I have tried to avoid the common packaging design that we can find in spanish supermarkets: green background, red titles and with lots and lots of peas everywhere.
This new proposal contains a delicious vegetable dish, place on a pic-nic tablecloth, that make us travel to a sunday morning on the countryside, and tries also to represent lovely home made food. The wood texture behind the text help us with this idea.

The different between each flavour it’s not only the photograph of the dish, but the color of the background, so then you can distinguish then on the distance.

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