Designed by Ziggurat Brands, United Kingdom.

Ziggurat Brands are excited to announce that they have designed the first range of microwavable meals designed especially for kids by Tilda Rice. Tilda, the first company to bring Basmati Rice to the West over 30 years ago and now with 51% of the market share in the UK, instinctively recognised the importance of product integrity when designing products for children. Unimpeachable quality, as with all everything they do, was at the heart of the offer.

Ziggurat was absolutely delighted to enlist award-winning children’s poet, Tony Mitton, to help them create an irresistible character, Tilli the Elephant, to represent Tilda’s traditional values and they surrounded her with 4 excitable young friends – Lottie, Charlie, Rupert and Jasmine – all dressed in brightly coloured animal costumes.

Adrian Collins, Managing Director at Ziggurat Brands, commented, “The challenge was how best to convey all the rational reassurance, the important health messages that parents require as well as creating the fun and enjoyment that kids will love. Just as the product itself manages to be crammed full of vegetables, vitamins and goodness, we wanted to make the packaging as lively, engaging and entertaining as possible.”

Tilda Kids range comes in 4 flavours – Sunshine Vegetable, Cheese and Tomato, Mild and Sweet Curry and Sweet Vegetable and Wholegrain Rice and is currently listed in all the major supermarkets in the UK.