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Designed by Bulletproof, United Kingdom.

Bulletproof modernizes much-loved Mexican Lager brand Indio

Bulletproof has created a new brand identity and packaging design for Indio. 

The heritage and personality of Indio were not being reflected in the brand’s identity leaving it looking dated and in serious need of a makeover. Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, part of the Heineken Company appointed Bulletproof in April 2011 to transform the Indio brand identity and create a new packaging range design.

“Indio has built up a strong following over the years through its great product and by pioneering music events targeted at their core consumers. Unfortunately, Indio’s image was looking tired and needed an injection of modernity, to re-ignite the passion amongst its existing consumers. Also to drive desire and demand amongst a wider audience,” comments Joanna Buist, Account Manager at Bulletproof.

Tony Connor, Design Director at Bulletproof, explains: “From the outset our intention was to create a strong brand identity for Indio that would become instantly recognizable and bring the brand’s personality to life. The Sunstone inspired identity takes its inspiration from Aztec calendars – embedding elements of discovery within the dial, each icon represents a different product, brand or consumer truth. Cuauhtémoc takes a confident new stance illustrated in the bold colors of the Mexican flag. While not forgetting the rich Indio brand heritage, the new identity conveys a progressive spirit, inspiring consumers to search for things that are not instantly identifiable – “La cosa es buscarle” (the point is to search).”

“The new Indio design is a hugely important move on for us as a brand. We knew that we needed the best global creative agency possible to help us to achieve our goals and vision for the brand. This is why we chose Bulletproof,” said Ricardo Duran, Brand Manager at Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma.

A brand with rich heritage, Indio lager was launched in 1905 under its original name ‘Cuauhtémoc’ in honor of the last Aztec Emperor.  Due to the Native American imagery used on pack, consumers started calling it ‘Indio’ (Mexican for Indian) and as a result its name was officially changed. A dark lager with the surprisingly unconventional taste of a lighter lager – Indio is a much-loved brand with a fiercely loyal consumer base.

The new Indio identity goes live in Mexico April 2012.

INDIO Before (Left) and After (Right)

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