Jupik (Redesigned)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by PND Futura, Poland.


The PND Futura agency conducted a rebranding of Jupik – a brand of children’s drinks which belongs to the portfolio Hoop Polska. The project resulted from the need to refresh the brand and adjust it to the needs of a slightly older target group (10-12 years old). Key elements which make up the Jupik image have been profoundly transformed: the adventures have more action, the previous cartoon-style graphics have been replaced by comics with hyper-realistic portraits of members of the JUPIK TEAM. The heroes (5 characters each with their own flavor) have individual characteristics and personal histories, and are equipped with attractive gadgets on the frontier of current hi-tech and science fiction.From now on the JUPIK TEAM members are Team of Elite Agents of Mystery battling with the equally secret and mysterious organization MIST. The brand’s new world is reflected on packages recently appearing in stores.

Packaging before the re-branding
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