Derrick Lin


Designed by Burgopak, United Kingdom.

Burgopak 2GO

Burgopak have created a simple, efficient range of packaging solutions utilizing their patented slider system that represents their core product offerings at the most cost-effective prices. By working closely with manufacturers to utilize automated processes and optimize material usage, cost prices have been reduced in some cases by as much as 40%.

Beyond the improved economic offering, what is most interesting about the Burgopak 2GO range is that each pack essentially acts as a billboard to sell itself as a product in its own right, rather than focusing on adding equity to its contents, as is the usual product/packaging relationship.

The name ‘2GO’ emphasises the quick and easy takeaway nature of the system, whilst the graphic design takes a minimal and functional approach, drawing inspiration from a range of high school textbooks.

Key factual information about each design such as external dimensions, structural features and intended applications are included on the front cover and arranged into a simple, ordered layout to create a consistent visual language throughout.

The reason we believe the range is proving to be successful, beyond the purely economic efficiencies is that it is centered on a very human characteristic and profoundly simple marketing maxim, people love to be presented with choice, but can be very bad at actually making a decision.

Fundamentally the 2GO range is about removing the countless options offered previously and streamlining variables to a point that the range could cover almost all product categories from gift cards to mobile phones within 14 different designs. The end result allows clients to make rational and educated decisions based on a pared down collection of logical options, simplifying all of the ordering, design and production processes.