Designed by P.E.T. Engineering srl, Italy.


Certainly, no one had never thought on an energy drink like this before.

In the context of energy drinks who are made in the image of beasts like bulls, sharks and invincible creatures, Fakeer gives voice to a different thought, more linked to human needs: live fully and without any compromises like a mould-breaker.

From all this came the idea of a drink and a bottle that do not compromise at all, neither in the choice of ingredients, natural and with no added chemicals or preservatives, nor in the shape, which expresses, clearly and without any fear, the power of choices made holding your head up high, beyond popular belief.

The desire of representing these ideas through the sign of “raising the middle finger” made P.E.T. Engineering get involved in turning a sketch into a real prototype, away from those traditional shapes seen up to now in the beverage sector.

P.E.T. Engineering high-lighted, during the first analysis, the constraints that the stretch blow molding process would place with a so complex geometry of a hand in the act of making a gesture. The position of the middle finger, in particular, was modified to place it in axis with the bottom: this perpendicularity is necessary for the insertion of the stretch rod and plastic stretching.
Once the 3D model was completed and designed to make the bottle as much anatomically accurate as possible, P.E.T. Engineering’s team focused its attention on solving the problem of undercut sections, imposed by this unusual geometry, that impeded a simple removal of the container from the blow mould.

Fakeer is the bottle which shows how bold shapes and feasibility can coexist without compromises.