Edna Frozen Vegetables Redesigned

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
Creative Director & Designer: Irinel Ionescu
Junior Designer: Raluca Popan
Foto shooting: Paula Feodor
Project Management: Ana Poiana
Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

Project Scope
Development and brand packaging redesign with the addition of 8 new SKU.

Brand Benefit
The production is made ​​in Romania, thus forming the optimal route from the factory to the final product. Quality is a brand asset.

Brand Mission & Values
Quality, safety, freshness: the most reliable distributor of food products in retail and food service throughout Romania.
Mainstay of the brand will be the proximity, on the one hand because of distribution in traditional trade (neighborhood stores), on the other hand due to a lower price: EDNA, nature at hand!
The product’s approach is closer to femininity, with a slight retro look and product visibility image of this proposal assures uniqueness in the market.

The Brief
Redesigning the brand and the packaging for Edna, the mainstream brand of Frigorifer.

The Solution
After conducting a brand audit, we’ve realized that the name “Edna” has no meaning to the consumer and that the packaging is missing personality.
The big idea was to create a character: Aunt Edna (starting from the woman name Edna);
The brand identity is now centered on aunt Edna’s figure and the packaging design has a friendly and retro-chic look and feel; The product is well shown on more than 60% of the front of pack.