Vicolo Olmo, 37066 Sommacampagna VR, Italia

Designed by Onice Design, Italy.

BIGAGNOLI WINES Bardolino DOC and Bardolino DOC Chiaretto

Bigagnoli Wines is a brand new producer in the Garda Lake area, northern Italy: all other producers in this area often use classical packagings on their bottles. Bigagnoli breaks out this habit and challenges the market by creating special edition wines, and dressing their bottles as perfumes. A geometrical black and white pattern, different on each product, enhances the luxury of the wine and embraces the bottle in a precious texture. No datas, names or logos are visible in a front view: the product itself speaks, inspiring emotions and desire. The work is at once complex and minimal, eye-catching and clinical. With a lot of shelf appeal, the bottles also deal greatly with the long list of wine label qualifications, by managing them in a multi-layered iconic look.

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