Accorciamo le distanze – Variable data wine


Vicolo Olmo, 37066 Sommacampagna VR, Italia

Design: O,nice! Design
Location: Italy
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle with direct printing, Paper label, Paper band, Paper box
Printing Process: Digital Printing

During the Covid19 lockdown we get used to too many negative numbers: distancing, stas of contagion, number of deaths. “Accorciamo le distanze” (”Let’s shorten the distance”) for Ferro13, designed during Brand Revolution Lab, aims to transform these numbers into something good again. The physical distance between two persons is overtaken thanks to a gift: no distance is unbeatable for a bottle of wine.

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Each bottle is wrapped in a removable paper band, with the number of meters separating sender and addressee. The band is realized with digital printing by HP and Digital Metal by Kurz: each band is customized and unique! On the bottle itself, a label is printed with the same number of meters, plus the names of both sender and addressee. Inside the paper band, a customized message and a postcard, printed with a randomize pattern using HP Mosaic technology.

The same pattern is directly printed on the glass bottle using the brand new Expression Relief technology by O–I / Owens Illinois. On the back label, beside the usual legislative infos, a QR Code allows to view the exact distance and path separating the sender and the addressee. The box containing the bottle is printed with digital printing itself: it is interely decorated with Digital Metal Alufin 220 Gold on the inside; on the outside, a different road map is printed on each box with 3D UV varnish, granting a complete customized pack.

What’s Unique?
The main theme of “Accorciamo le distanze” comes from the will to truly experiment with variable datas in digital printing. This project carries on many variable datas (names, customized message, meters of distance, link to Google Maps) and the impredictable pattern randomization, to print each time a unique bottle.