Old Grand Dad Bourbon Whiskey (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Mark Kuzio, United States.
School: Academy of Art University
Intructor: Tom McNulty

There were two parts to this project, an evolutionary and a revolutionary design. The purpose of the evolutionary design was to choose an existing liquor whose design might be considered dated, then rejuvenate the brand image and label design while maintaining the front, back, and neck label, and current bottle design. The purpose of the revolutionary design was to use the same brand and product line but reposition the product by creating a premium/upscale image that included a gift box or vessel.

The liquor I chose was Old Grand Dad bourbon whiskey. For an evolutionary packaging update, equity in the original typeface was maintained with mild refinements. The bust image was replaced with a younger, heartier picture for the founder to appeal to a younger clientele. The concept for the revolutionary packaging was based on how whiskey was used as currency during the American Revolution. Fine-line details mimicking the look of printed money adorn the label. The vessel was made from materials inspired by the stills to produce whiskey.