Raw Chewing Gum


Siddeley House, 50 Canbury Park Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6LX, UK

Agency: Design Happy
Designer: Jon Plumb / Will Jones / Richard Bray
Client: Navson
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: United Kingdom

Design Happy have created the new Packaging & Branding for Raw Chewing Gum.

Raw Chewing Gum is a new entrant into the fast growing Energy Gum Market and is aimed at the popular Energy Drinks market in the U.K, Germany, France and Holland. The Sugar Free Gum, which contains Taurine and Vitamin B to aid Energy is a fast and convenient way to get a little boost without the need to carry around large drinks cans. The new gum contains 18 pieces (all condensed into a small format pack) and contains no sugar, unlike other Energy products with high sugar and additive content.

Raw gum is aimed at a market which predominantly consumes brands such as Monster Energy & Red Bull to aid their busy social lifestyles. The new branding is intentionally big, impactful and confident which appeals to urban sportsters, skateboarders, video gamers and extreme sports fanatics who use Energy products on a regular basis. Along with the packaging, Design Happy have designed the supporting Website and Shopper Marketing Communications for in store and trade.

Raw Chewing Gum will be available throughout the U.K, Germany, France and Holland from March 2014.