Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Agency: walrus.
Designer: David Capó
Type Of Work: Concept
Country: Mallorca, Spain

As a designer, and music lover, I feel privileged to work listening to music. It is a way to associate it with something positive. Not only as a recreational component, because when you get to a certain level of concentration the music goes to the background and allows me to focus all attention on the task I’m doing.

With the excuse to share a list of songs that I nowadays listen to, I have tried to provide to the set a graphic identity through a name and cover. The name is a subtle reference to which for me are the best: The Beatles. And the cover art refers to the “three wise monkeys” (no see, no hear, no speak) that in this case is related to the possibility of developing design work listening to good music … “look, listen and communicate”.