Bausch + Lomb’s Artelac

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Serymourpowell
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bausch and Lomb
Location: London, UK

Seymourpowell re-design dry eye relief brand packaging for Bausch + Lomb’s Artelac

Leading global design and innovation company Seymourpowell is pleased to announce details of its redesign of the brand packaging for Bausch + Lomb brand Artelac. The redesign covers five sub-brands in the Dry Eye category, which creates a total range of products to provide different levels of ocular hydration.

The new design repositions the brand making it easier to identify the different types of products in the range, while also creating impact and increased appeal in the self-select, consumer focused market. The branding has evolved from what was previously an unemotional, pharmaceutical brand with little appeal to end users, to one that now ranges as a popular choice for eye care professionals and consumers alike.

Artelac has strong awareness and credibility amongst eye care professionals, however as eye hydration becomes more of a lifestyle need rather than a medical need, there has been a growing trend toward self-selection. Capitalising on this market opportunity, Seymourpowell’s new design concurrently portrays the emotional hydrating qualities of the product while also demonstrating its medical and functional effectiveness as a complete range of products to tackle all causes of dry eyes. The brand now has the ability to straddle two worlds being both a credible pharmaceutical product while simultaneously sitting in the consumer choice category.

Responding to the design brief, Seymourpowell aimed to communicate a degree of efficacy & hydration for the Artelac brand while presenting Bausch + Lomb as well-established and respectable.

A key influence of the brand repositioning was the creation of the Artelac wave to communicate the invigoration and hydration of the product, enforcing Artelac’s brand promise of “freedom from dry eyes.” The introduction of accent colour coding aids navigation through the portfolio end enables understanding of the different products functions.

The use of the wave in the packaging design challenges the sector language of eyes on eye drop packaging and ensures standout in the busy and often confusing self-selection consumer market.

Seymourpowell Managing Director, Brand Packaging, Jonathan Shaw said, “There is a dual aspect to the design which sees it sit effectively between both consumer facing and pharmaceutical products by communicating efficacy and hydration. A highly successful blend of functional reassurance and emotion.”

Bausch + Lomb Marketing Director, OTC, Europe, Africa & Middle East at the time, Guido Aschieri said, “Seymourpowell really understood our desired strategy for Artelac and brought it to life through fresh, invigorating packaging that will penetrate the self-select category. They were great partners throughout the project, delivering an outstanding result.”

By exploiting the unique dual position of Artelac eye drops, Seymourpowell’s brand packaging re-design raises awareness of the problem of dry eyes, and then takes command of the sector with the confident new Artelac brand packaging.

Artelac is launching now in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with wider European roll-out to follow in upcoming months.