GE Eco-friendly Light Bulbs

Derrick Lin


Designer: Otto Kušec
Project Type: Student Project
School: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of design
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Lightbulbs turn dark into light and make our sorroundings clear and easy to navigate. They are an aid, a tool which a human uses to easily navigate space, so as an object they symbolise something pure, light, good ideas, clear thoughts and a positive attitude. The packaging should convey this message.

The problem which the existing packaging creates is the buyers confusion, it overwhelms the buyer both visually and information-wise. My solution to that problem is through pictograms, which display only the neccessary information clearly and avoid the need for big blocks of text.

Additionally, eco-friendly products call for changes in packaging materials; the paper is now recycled, and the only color in print is black, used sparingly but still giving the packaging character and keeping it visually interesting.

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