Narochanskaya Mineral Water


Belarus Minsk

Creative Agency: ARMBRAND
Client: Zavod Bulbash
Country: Belarus
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Belorussian Mineral Water by ARMBRAND

ARMBRAND agency designed a label for Narochanskaya mineral water. Naroch is one of the cleanest lakes in Belarus widely known beyond its boundaries. The main communicative goal is to convey its origin and high quality, both being closely associated with Belorussian products.

The design is based around the weaving pattern traditional in the regions of the country with a large number of lakes. The pattern itself is “made of circles which in their turn are formed with little bricks and checks, bigger at the centre and smaller towards the banks. Similar to circles appearing on water surface when you throw a stone therein”, — that’s how Belorussian weavers describe the pattern. When on a shelf, the pattern creates a kind of pulsating optical illusion attracting the customer’s attention.

The carbonated water label is designed in white, grey, and red, the colors traditionally used for woven and embroidered cloths and towels called rushnyks. On the one hand, these colors are subconsciously associated with the grass-root folk culture, on the other, they are not widely represented among mineral water designs and therefore enhance brand building and individuality.

The products within the series are differentiated with color coding: non-carbonated water is designed in blue and white.

The unique, hand-made logo typeface and elements of Belorussian ornament enrich the product’s image.

The label is archetypically Belorussian, such an image being associated with natural purity, however it still is modern and eye-catching.