PACKPLAY (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Veronica Kjellberg and Mila Rodriguez
Project Type: Student Project
School: Nackademin
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Initiated by professor Sylvain Allard of UQAM’s School of design, the Packplay project first goal is to bring together several international packaging design schools and exchange thoughts and design research. The theme is presented as: the user-centered packaging project. Each participating school is invited to work on the theme and send best solution prototypes designed by students between January 2013- June 2014. Packplay will gather all the submitted work and will organize a special exhibition from the 10th of September to the 26th of October 2014 at the Design Exhibition Center of UQAM.

The exhibition wants to position packaging design as a specific field of design that is at the meeting of art, industrial design, graphic design, engineering and marketing. It also aims to recognize the excellence and the importance of design in packaging. With this in mind, awards will be given to value the essential contribution of the design schools and students in this field. Besides the exhibition, the PACKPLAY project is also a publication project presenting texts, images and projects methodology from each school’s best results. Each participating professor will be invited to submit his reflection on the subject, images and a biography. The project also includes the organization of conferences.

The Aube bag-in-the-box, accordion-style wine package lets you squeeze out every last drop without having to cut open the box itself. Additional benefits: it stands out on retail shelves, squeezing the box as it empties gives some idea about how much wine is left, and the shrinking size makes it more efficient for recycling.