Derrick Lin


Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Designers: Andrea Lo Vetere, Brad Stratton
Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Photographer: Sam Mahayni
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Barnes Catmur & Friends has honoured its special friends with a bespoke whisky named in honour of the street where its office lies.

The agency designed and produced 150 bottles of High St with Thomson Whisky providing the stuff on the inside and on the outside it features a host of stickers from ‘independent’ sources to affirm its quality (such as “I like it” from Andrea at the Sicilian Whisky Society, ‘best medal on this bottle’ and ‘Lorem Ipsum Award’), as well as a wax stamp and the fingerprints of the founders, Paul Catmur and Daniel Barnes. ​