Ayia Cion – Malama Oraganic Olive Oil

Designer: Thomas Kiourtsis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ayia Cion
Location: Greece
Packaging Content: Olive Oil
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper

My clients asked for a sense of exclusivity which is rooted to the limited number of bottles that they produce due to the organic process. I decided to begin by do a research to the history of the little village, my clients are living & is going to be their company home. It was interesting the way the village took it’s name, it was named by a Greek Orthodox picture of Holly Mary called Ayia Cion. I decided to use the name AYIA CION for their new company. I began to search for way to make a comeback to the roots but without being old fashioned. Using a picture of Holly Mary as a reference, I managed to create a shape of her form with embedded the letter “a” & “c” as they are on byzantine typography, combined it with the vertical bold font we get a nice and balanced logo. As the bottle was tall and skinny I wanted to find ways to use the vertical orientation for my typography on the label, in order to have all my informations in a single view.

The gold color was instinctively came to me since I heard the words exclusive & premium, combined with the printing technique & the texture of the paper we get a result that is truly unique, not only for the eyes but also for the touch.