10 Projects You Shouldn’t Miss In May

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It’s the end of the month again and here are 10 most mind-blowing, creative and interesting packaging projects that has the highest posts views, social shares, social likes and people reached for the month of May 2015.

Pizza Hut Block Buster Projector Box designed by Ogilvy & Mather Group HK

For their latest double pizza meal promotionm we helped develop an innovative packaging solution that turned something you wold normally throw out in to something you wanted to keep. All the ingredients you needed were contained inside, the only thing you had to add was your phone. And after a few simple steps, you were soon watching cool short films and stuffing your face with friends wherever you were.


Mochiice designed by Natasha Frolova, Louise Olofsson and Jessica Sjöstedt

Mochiice is a Japanese dessert ice-cream who has started to get established in Sweden. We have choose to give Mochi a new identity and created a whole new brand chain (coffeehouse) for the Swedish market.


DEVOUT Champagne designed by Jessica Sjöstedt

Breaking the code. The task was to create a new and innovative package for champagne.


This Corn designed by Peter Gregson Studio

This Corn – Naming, identity & packaging design for gourmet cattle popcorn for The Snackatere Corp. by PGS team.


Lakene Gårdsmejeri designed by Frida Ekelund, Jasper van Wolferen, Ronja Hallgren, Maarit Hautamäki

Lakene Gårdsmejeri’s products are created in an artisanal fashion, and everything is made the old-fashioned way. They provide products of high quality, and our mission was to display that in a clear manner. We created new packaging solutions, a web shop, ideas for marketing and a concept built on a foundation of traditional farm work and a sense of humor.


XOCO – Mexican Craft Chocolate designed by TORO PINTO

The state of Tabasco is an important place for cacao production in México, XOCO is a project for a family business that has been making craft chocolate for decades. XOCO is made of 90% cacao and no milk, it is molded by hand so the chocolate bar form is completely irregular, it can be eaten by bites or combined with hot water or milk.


Olio D’Oliva designed by Alessia Sistori

Since there is a new law in some countries of Europe, that no longer allows offering refillable oil bottles in restaurants, I invented this interactive packaging for extra virgin olive oil. It is smaller than the common bottles and has a very simple and cheap anti-drop system integrated in its packaging.


Fuego! Playing Cards designed by Cellar Window

These cards are inspired by the works of Mexican political printmaker José Guadalupe Posada and his Calaveras and the Latin phrase “Memento Mori”. Each design are all illustrated in-house in a very colorful and detailed style. The tuck case will feature the classic long flap, perforated custom stamp seal, inner calavera motif print and exterior embossing to further accentuate the design and to give added texture.


Black Wolf Brewery Craft Beer designed by Tayburn

Black Wolf Brewery’s new craft beers are brewed the traditional way but with a twist. Contemporary, surprising and full of exciting flavours… truly a feast for mind and belly alike.


Cacao Barry – World’s 50 Best Restaurants Packaging designed by Zoo Studio

Tocantins is a chocolate that comes from small cocoa plantations from the Amazon delta. The production is limited and reserved exclusively to the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants”. The packaging for the presentation is made with paper paste, tied with fine rope and sealed with sealing wax, evoking a remote origin with a band that provides exclusivity.