Agency: Dochery
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ltd Stravinsky
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Herbal Tea
Packaging Materials: Paper

To create design of a new range of herbal teas and delicious berry flavorings.

Russian tea market can still be called conservative. Up until recently the shelves of supermarkets had no other tea except for traditional black and a couple of grades of green. All the interesting teas were on sale generally in specialized shops. Not to mention herbal teas that are perceived by consumer’ popular mentality as the means of treatment from cold, stomach aches and other illnesses and sold as a rule through pharmacies. Fortunately everything changes, as well as the market of teas. We were set a task to make a non medical mass market brand of a very tasty natural herbal tea and unusual berry flavorings to it. Researches show that more and more women in Russia start caring about healthy eating and try to choose healthy, wholesome but tasty foods for their families. These very women were chosen as a core of the target group of the herbal tea brand Stravinsky.

What’s Unique?
We rejected at once the idea to create minimalistic and reserved design, as well as the pictures of cups and teaspoons. For the reason that the majorly of pharmacy-sold teas look this way; it was of great importance to step back from these images. We wanted to emphasize that our tea first of all will give the consumer pleasure and enjoyment with taste, will help to plunge into the fantastic world of herbs. And to tell about the benefits and composition, we used the back part of the packing where we tried to tell accurately about all advantages of herbal tea, to tell about the composition in detail and the right way of its brewing. On the front part we spread the magic, fantastic and profound world of flowers and herbs. We avoided any direct presentation of the composition. For us it was of major importance to fill the design with emotions, abundance and splendor of flora and, thus, to emphasize the aesthetic and flavor component of the product.