Agency: Smith Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: NYMI Band
Location: USA

Smith Design has created a premium package design for the NYMI Band product launch. The NYMI Band is wearable technology that authenticates identity through a person’s heartbeat, which is a unique biometric for each user. The NYMI Band’s ECG sensor knows who you are when you wear it, then activates to unlock to access your world. The sleek wristband provides secure access to the technology used every day – PIN numbers, passwords, bank cards, vehicle doors, car seats, home devices, hotel rooms, retail transactions, etc. – whatever you tell it to.

Using a combination of materials and finishes that cue modern luxury, Smith Design created a custom structure and graphics that visually communicates the NYMI Band brand essence. The initial launch included a Discovery Kit targeting developers and a separate package design sleeve for those early adopters who pre-ordered the NYMI band.

The package features the graphic of an electrocardiogram, which is revealed through a clear area of the sleeve. As it is pulled across the base box to open, the graphic creates motion and an animated effect of a ECG heartbeat.