Derrick Lin


Agency: THINK Packaging
Designer: Mat Bogust
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: 1Above
Additional Credit: Roger Boyd @ 1Above
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Effervescent tablets
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

1Above® are here to bring back the love of flying, to help the well travelled fly well and arrive ready. They have produced a product that puts people back in control of their health when they fly. 1Above® combines the best of nature and science to help hydrate fast, support circulation and fight the impact of jet lag.

The brief was to refresh the effervescent tablet packaging. Stepping away from the standard square carton to a bespoke form, with originality and improved usability for the 10, 25 and 50hr packs.

The fundamental theory to this design was to develop a piece of packaging that would work harmoniously with the brand. If the pack could adopt the form of the droplet icon, not only would it create a beautiful shape but also reflect the true essence of the product – hydration.

Hand sampling began. This method is preferred to sketching or generating visuals as it allows a deeper and faster understanding as to whether an idea is physically possible, structurally sound and, indeed, practical. With some development, it was all three. Though these did not come straight away, or easily. The droplet went through an ample amount of stages and amendments to reach its final design. Rapid prototyping and trials discovered the packs best function was to open on its larger, curved side. This allows greater room for the user to access the product — sliding the tablet sachets in and out as required, whilst giving the base a stable edge to stand.

The 1Above® brand and droplet were crafted to share the link with hydration, and reference the shape of a planes wing as a nod to aviation. Finally, we’ve produced a piece of packaging that is consistent with this, and their iconic bottles.

What’s Unique?
The shape – echoing their brand & visual cues to hydration etc.